We believe that we are at the dawn of A NEW ERA – GENESIS will mark a new day of young leaders who are radical in their faith, unswerving in their commitment, selfless in their service and bold in their spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is ALIVE and ACTIVE in the earth today and with a focused gaze and immovable faith we are going to see a great move of the Holy Spirit!

GENESIS is about setting this new era in motion and creating a platform for local youth ministries everywhere to step into a new day. Come and join us for GENESIS our youth conference in 2020 where we believe God will spark revival in the hearts of teenagers for this NEW ERA.


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Conference Only price: $79
(opens Thursday 25th April 2019, closes Monday 29th April midnight)

Early bird price: $99
(opens Tuesday 30th April 2019 12:01am, closes Monday 17th February 2020 midnight)

Full price: $119
(opens Tuesday 18th February 2020 12:01am, closes Wednesday 22nd April 2020)



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Alex and Jessen together run C3 Youth and Young Adults across 11 locations in Sydney.

@_alexanderlee @jessenpipiciello



Starting on Wednesday night, GENESIS is spread over 3 nights and 2 days. High schoolers will have a jammed pack few days of services, tribal wars, break out sessions and down time with friends. Every service is full of music from C3 Youth Worship and relevant preaching from our conference hosts and guest speakers.


Located within a short 5-15 minute drive from C3 Church Oxford Falls there are a number of accommodation options ranging in prices that will perfectly suit youth and entire youth ministries. Specific accommodation suggestions will be posted shortly for your convenience.


For any further questions for inquiries please contact