JUNIOR HIGH (YEARS 7-9) 23-25TH JANUARY | EARLY BIRD PRICE $155 (ENDING 12/11/17) | $195
SENIOR HIGH (YEARS 10-12) 24-27TH JANUARY | EARLY BIRD PRICE $230 (ENDING 12/11/17) | $290

Hello campers + PARENTS, 

Summer camp is the annual summer holiday youth camp for C3 church Oxford Falls. The camp is for all high schoolers, with our year 7-9 students kicking off the week and our year 10-12 students students bringing it home. The week is jammed packed full of activities, including the slip'n'slide, the blob, beach fun and activities, Christian services and the Oasis; For the quiet and creative camper.  



Hosted by Pastor Alex & Jessen Lee
Featuring C3 Youth Worship
+ Guest speakers & Artists! 



Glenrock Scout camp

All Campers In Tents

First Aid Officers

Life Guards

Breakfast, Lunch, 
Dinner & Snacks Provided

Camp Parents Present

50+ Over 18 Year Old Leaders




We are so EXCITED for Summer Camp 2018!
Summer camp is always the FUNNEST and most DEFINING week of the year - we make life long friendships, discover hope and vision for the future and set a great platform to start our year strong!
Parents, it also gives you some no doubt needed and deserved down time just before the school year begins again!

This year our camp theme is Paradise. Our heart behind this theme is that whilst we do live in paradise being the beautiful city of Sydney (one of the greatest places in the world); often times we can find our minds and hearts don’t feel like much of a paradise. Our goal is to create a week that is RIDICULOUSLY FUN and ENCOURAGING where high schoolers can be empowered to discover an internal sense of peace and strength that we believe comes from connecting with Jesus Christ.

We can’t wait to host you at what will be a week to remember!
Much Love!

                                              Alex and Jessen Lee xo

                                           Alex and Jessen Lee xo