So often we go through life wondering why we react certain ways or why we say certain things. We wonder why we keep struggling with negative thoughts or destructive habits. We spend so much time analysing the things that are flowing out of our lives, diagnosing the symptoms, and not paying any attention to the root issue.

When we look at healthy tree's that are budding, blossoming and bearing fruit, it's never because the tree is fervently trying to be what it was designed to be, which is a healthy tree! It's simply because it's positioned correctly and receiving into it's roots what it needs to become all it was designed to be.

Often we wonder why we feel so displeased with our lives, our thoughts, decisions or behaviours. Constantly making effort to change the fruit of our lives, the product that we are producing, the experience people are having of us. I know for myself, when I have a negative thought, word or behaviour flow out of my life I question it, because deep down I know and think to myself, "This isn't who I am…" or "I'm not like this…". 

When a tree isn't receiving what it needs to survive, it becomes a warped version of it's original design. The same is true for people, we were all designed to flourish and be healthy, with good things flowing out from our lives. Unfortunately few people truly discover this. It's only when healthy things are flowing into our lives, that healthy things begin to flow out.

Instead of constantly trying to change the fruit, we need to look at the roots of our lives, and ask ourselves, "Am I positioned correctly in order to receive everything I need to flourish and be all I've been created to be?"

What's flowing from your life?
Do you try to fix the fruit without looking at the root?
How can you reposition your life in order to flourish?

Mitch Hammond is the Youth Outreach Pastor of C3 Youth

Instagram: @mitchhammond