Summer camp is all about having the funnest time possible, having an encounter with Jesus and making friendships that will last a lifetime!!

Here are my 3  Summer Camp guarantee's...

1) FUN

  • You can guarantee that you are going to find yourself having too much FUN! Whether we are at the beach, on the blob, or going ballistic in the big top tent you can garruntee that you and your friends are going to have too much FUN!!!


  • You can also guarantee that you are going to have an encounter with Jesus that sets you FREE! There is something about having set apart time in an atmosphere of praise and worship that allows your heart to encounter Jesus and be set FREE from the inside out and take a hold of the calling he has for your life :-)


  • Lastly you can guarantee that you are going to discover new and deeper levels of FRIENDSHIP! Spending time together is the best way to get to know each other better, to understand each other and build bonds of friendship that will last forever. We are all about friendship and believe that we are #inthistogether so you will have plenty of opportunity to hang with new and existing friends.

My life and countless others, have been radically changed at summer camps just like this!
I believe this year we are going to have the greatest camp we’ve ever had!

Whatever you do, don’t miss it!

Much lv
Ps Al

Alex Lee is the Youth Pastor of C3 Youth