Haggai 2:9 ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”



For a whole youth ministry to go to a new level, the whole team needs to stand with vision. Vision is a team sport. It takes a team to fulfil the dream. Vision is accomplished with a team who don't just cheer on vision but with a team who stand with it. It's easy to cheer on vision, but doing something looks different. It looks like being faithful with what's in your hand, it looks like tithing, it looks like calling your connect group every week, it looks like bringing people.


One way to stand with the vision, is to live the culture. To model and characterise the culture. What is the culture of C3 Youth? 


Called to Jesus 

Called together 

Called to win people who are far from God 

Called to build


Teachability is the important attribute of a disciple. If you carry a teachable spirit, going to a new level will come easily. 

In the Old Testament there were many kings who turned against God and at the root of most of their problems came from being unteachable. They weren't humble enough to invite a prophet or a Godly leader to speak into their life. 

King Josiah in the bible was the opposite. He was known as a leader that did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. There is a story of King Josiah where the bible had been unseen and stored away for many years. When he finds it, he digs it up and let's it speak to him. And because of that teachable and humble spirit he was blessed by God and taken to a new level. As leaders, we need to carry this teachable spirit. Because, before you speak into someone else's life, you need to be able to let people speak into your life.

4) Next step onto a new level

As we take a next step or make a progress in our lives, it is like going walking up a staircase. Every step we take, we are going upwards to a new level. 

Two questions for your next step: 

1. How can I take my next step?

Maybe your next step is:

- Simply reading word and praying consistently.

- Starting a connect group. 

- Doing what you already do but improving at it. 

2. How can I help others take their next step? (Future Now) 

This is what leadership is all about – helping others take their next step. 

Your greatest contribution will never be a message you preach, but a disciple you raise. Great messages will see people saved, but great disciple makers will see those people live for Jesus. How do you raise disciples - help others take their next step.


The difference between a successful leader and a potential leader is commitment. 

But what often hinders our commitment is the obstacles we face. They can prevent us from going to a new level and from believing that the prize is worth the price! 

Two keys for overcoming the obstacles or trials we face that challenge our commitment. 

1. Your perspective

Our perspective needs to be that it's that the trials we experience are there to take us to a new level. Like in the book of Haggai, we can believe in these times that what has for us is greater than what has been. 

"When I cannot trace his hand, I can always trust his heart." We might not be able to understand why we are going through what we go through, but we can always trust in the character of God. We can trust that he will provide, bring a miracle and healing into our lives.

2. Your Preach

You are your greatest preacher. The words you speak have the power of life and death. So what are you preaching to yourself about your circumstance? 

Are you preaching death or life? Are you saying that it's never going to get better, God is finished with me, my life is ruined. Or are you saying to yourself - God is with me, no weapon formed against me shall prosper, God always causes me to triumph. 

Sometimes we need to stop praying. Often in crisis we go to God to pray, but instead we just think about the problem. So sometimes we need to stop praying and begging for the mountains in our lives to move, rather we need to declare, we need to say mountain move from here to there. Declare victory, declare hope, declare faith over your circumstances. 

Like God, who spoke to the Israelites " ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty."

Declare that God has got great things ahead for you, he is taking you to a new level.