Good Friday 


Every problem is not what you think, it's the doorway to a miracle and resurrection power.

We can smile all the way to our cross moments; knowing it's the pathway to power.

I imagine while Jesus was hanging on the cross, the devil would have been dancing and celebrating, thinking he had won. Then I imagine Jesus hanging there, silent, "like a lamb being led to the slaughter" but thinking to himself "it's not what you think". You see, God had a secret, a mystery...

1 Corinthians 2:7-8

"We declare God’s wisdom, a mystery that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began. None of the rulers of this age understood it, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory."

The devil and the Pharisees didn't realise that the very thing they were doing to destroy the work of God, was actually fulfilling it. 

We have to look in the face of our problems and obstacles and say… "it's not what you think" Every trial is leading us to a triumph.

God's secret and mystery is that…

death would bring life

pain would bring promise

fault would bring favour


Why? - because every broken and empty place in us, is just another space for God's glory to manifest, our goal is not to fill ourselves up, it's to empty ourselves, so God can fill us.


We are in good company when we have step into that realm of thinking:


1.John the Baptist - "that I may decrease, so that he would increase"

2.Paul - "I boast in my weakness"

3.Joseph - "what the devil intended for bad, God turned around for good"


In Matthew 6 Jesus implores his listeners "do not worry!"

A tough pill to swallow sometimes, considering some of the stresses we can face. A little further on in the scripture, we see how this plays out. Jesus begins pointing to the birds of the air and flowers of the field… and brings it all together by asking… "ARE YOU NOT MORE VALUABLE THAN THEY?"

Our greatest anxieties are silenced by the assurance of love and value that God holds for each of us. He has our back.

Let's see beyond our current cross and look to the promise of resurrection.

Being fully assured that no matter what we're facing, it's leading us closer and closer to a a greater victory.

A pattern of victory that Christ laid out on the cross.