I have been reading through Mark chapter 7 and 8 recently and I have seen a pattern in how Jesus lead and ministered.

Jesus responded to faith and was moved by compassion.

It has lead me to ask myself this question:


As a leader what do I respond to and what am I moved by?


I’ve found that people’s fears can become very vocal and visible and can often fill the ears, eyes and mind of a leader. There is absolutely a place for hearing and responding to the fears of the people we lead and look after, however if we are not careful we will be so busy responding to the fears of those around us that we miss those who are taking steps of FAITH! Poor petrol on faith, respond to faith and those people will rise and rise and become the greatest influencers in your community. 

Are you seeing and responding to the young people who are taking steps of faith or are you too distracted by your own fears and the fears of others that you lead?

We will see great results when we spend the percentage of our time and energy responding to the FAITH of those we are leading opposed to being consumed by their fears, doubts and worries.

Jesus’ heart towards people was from a pure place of love and therefore He always saw people from eyes of compassion. It has lead me to asking myself another question:


When I see my people, are my eyes compassionate or judgmental? 


I’ve found frustration is normal, but if we view our people from a place of judgment we will never be moved to help them. At the end of the day, we have the influence and the authority to take them further, help them live their dreams and become all that God has called them to be. Often our judgmental attitude and heart is because our people aren’t fulfilling our dreams of growing a big youth ministry or having a great impact. A big youth ministry of great impact is a great dream but can be acted on slightly backwards. Leaders exist to build the dreams and gifts of those they lead, not the other way around. 

Jesus was a leader who noticed and responded to the faith of those around him and saw people through the eyes of compassion. 

I pray we lead like this.




Alex Lee is the Youth Pastor of C3 Youth